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This is the first anniversary of the death of our daughter Sunday Barrett. During the final years of her life she kept a journal. To commemorate her death, together with her son David Johnson, we have published her thoughts in a book we would like to share with you. There is no cost. It is free. This book offers you a glimpse of the life of someone who is living their final days and remains thoughtful, reflective and brave. It is her gift to all of us who will travel this same path sometime in the future.

The book is available for FREE to download to your phone/computer from Apple Books & Barnes & Noble, coming soon to Amazon, & Google to read on your mobile devices.
You can also download a PDF of her book right here:
(You may have to download the free PDF reader Adobe Reader ap)



Poster for sale $30





Angie Harvey Speaks:

Lonely vs. Being Alone
while Sheltering In Place

Our favorite LGBTQ motivational speaker – Angela Harvey – will be offering the Lesbian community her thoughts on how we can better cope during these stressful times of the Corona virus. Her remarks will address a variety of situations and we have found them to be helpful and hopeful. We will share these with you as they arrive…..Lucy and Gail

On Sheltering in Place:

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